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EIGHTSTARS believes that daily intakes of water is extremely important, not just the right amount but also the right product. At EIGHTSTARS we have the right technology and people to help you achieve and maintain healthy lifestyle.

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EIGHTSTARS was initiated with a major goal which is to supply Singapore with the adequate water purification (water filtration) innovation available. Solely putting this objective in mind, EIGHTSTARS went across the globe for the most adequate water purification and water filtration systems available. Today, we've achieved exactly what our goal was at the beginning.

Our frameworks administer a differing scope of clients, including private, business, workplaces, government organizations, emergency clinics and schools. Where our client's wellbeing and fulfillment is our priority, settle on EIGHTSTARS as your solitary decision when the best quality water filtration/purging is needed for your homes and office.

Today, the supply of clean drinking water has advanced and changed drastically. More items are accessible to buyers; item quality has improved, better testing strategies are utilized to guarantee clients get the best quality framework accessible. Here at EIGHTSTARS, our association with you begins when you choose to turn into our client, giving our clients perfect, safe water forever. Our responsibility to YOU is that we will furnish your home or office with the most elevated quality gear, with kept continuous help and follow-up administrations to guarantee that your framework is continually working. This at a reasonable cost without trade off!

What our clients say


While faucet water contains debasements, bubbling it doesn't expel the majority of the destructive substances either. Water needs a further developed, progressively broad refinement process and that is the place EIGHTSTARS comes in. Contrasting the EIGHTSTARS sanitization procedure and bubbling alone is inadequate in disposing of the contaminants in drinking water. EIGHTSTARS purifiers utilize propelled purging advancements to dispose off hurtful microorganisms, infections, substantial metals, for example, iron rust and harmful cancer-causing agents.

Alkaline water benefits are not constrained to simply keeping us healthy, however, there are cases revealed where it might add to the fix of numerous infections. A few investigations can demonstrate that basic water has a beneficial outcome.

Alkaline water is Helpful for Detoxification

Detoxification is vital for evacuating the gathering of hurtful poisons in the body. An essential advantage of drinking alkaline water is it's capacity to wash away poisons that may make your body create diseases. Almost each detox diet you read about stresses the significance of drinking heaps of water. Obviously, following a healthy eating regimen with heaps of products of the plants is likewise imperative, however, drinking 8 glasses of water or more is an establishment of detoxification. What might be the advantage of drinking eight glasses of unhealthy water stacked with microscopic organisms when you are attempting to purify your system?

Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant

Alkaline water is a characteristic cell reinforcement that can kill unsafe radicals in the body. Cell reinforcements additionally help shield our bodies from free radicals that can cause different medical issue. Free radicals are gatherings of iotas that can harm our body by harming the resistant framework. At the point when our safe system is undermined, it can prompt contamination and diverse kinds of ailments extending from minor illnesses to genuine degeneratives diseases.In actuality, it is accounted for to be significantly more compelling than most items and cases accessible today for the straightforward reason that soluble water is in fluid structure. This makes it a lot simpler for the body to ingest.

Alkaline water help boost the immune system

As alkaline water is stacked with cell reinforcements, drinking it can help support your resistant framework so that you'll be more averse to be infected with seasonal influenza or a bug, and even diminish the chances of growing increasingly genuine conditions like cancer, helping your body to fend off malady and recuperate itself. The water can kill harming free radicals and convert them into oxygen to be utilized for tissue oxygenation and vitality generation.

Alkaline water help balances the PH levels of the body

The human body is intended to keep up an extremely sensitive pH balance in its liquids, tissues and frameworks. As most biochemical responses basic to life happen in a watery situation, be that as it may, it is our blood plasma and interstitial liquids encompassing the cells that are most delicate to acidic soluble lopsidedness. Keeping our bodies in a progressively basic state will support the insusceptible framework. At the point when our body liquids are kept up inside a thin pH scope of 7.35 to 7.45, our body's resistant framework is working in ideal conditions and can fend off sickness and ailment. Over fermentation of the body is a hazardous condition that debilitates all body frameworks, and can offer access to an interior situation helpful for infection. Moreover, the normal present day diet comprising of red meats, cheeses, margarine and more add to an excessively acidic condition. Smoking, espresso, soda pops, processed sugar and liquor likewise assume key jobs. Getting a charge out of a lot of these nourishments will store acidic waste into our bodies. Maladies flourish where acidic dimensions are high. At the point when our body moves toward becoming to acidic, it can meddle with the action of the considerable number of cells in your body.

Alkaline water promotes better hydration

Basic water has littler atomic substance making it simpler for the body to assimilate. The body can be hydrated all the more adequately by drinking alkaline water rather than regular faucet water.

Alkaline water can help in weight lose

One reason for being overweight or too fat is that poisons have gathered in the body, and are put away in fat tissue. Over the top acidity in the body's tissues can cause difficult issues. At the point when there is a lot of acid, that acid can't be effectively prepared and discharged, so, the body clutches fat as a versatile component, bringing about weight gain. Lessening acidity in the body can, in this way, help keep the capacity of fat, which is the reason the individuals who drink alkaline water, and pursue an all the more alkalizing eating routine as a rule, frequently experience recognizable weight reduction.

Alkaline water can promote better digestion

High rate of acid meddles with the ordinary stomach related procedure. At the point when an overproduction of stomach acids results from highly spiced foods, liquor, gorging, stress and different elements, the acids frequently return into the throat, bringing about acid reflux which causes heartburn. Continuous experience can even for all time harm the dividers of the throat, or more terrible, trigger tumors. Acidity is frequently joined by different issues like swelling, sickness, acid reflux or spewing. By incorporating alkalizing water in your eating routine, alongside all the more alkalizing sustenances, it can help kill the impacts of acid, supporting better assimilation.

Alkaline Water System


It embraces the top notch adsorption shell anti-carbon, it can effectively absorb leftover chlorine, substance pesticide, overwhelming metal and expel minor pollutions.

Alkaline mineralized ball

Basic mineralized ball is made out of inorganic composite, antibacterial materials and an assortment of mineral compound evacuation of chlorine and chlorine mixtures, with antibacterial and water green growth aversion work.

31.5cm (length) x 10.5cm (width) x 30cm (height)

UF Filter

It can expel coli bacillus, microscopic organisms, and high atomic weight natural mixtures. It can likewise adequately evacuate obvious material, remaining chlorine, methenyl trichloride and unsafe substantial metal, etc.

Mineralized compound filter cartridge

While the infrared artistic ball is handling the water, it can discharge the far infrared beams. It can reverberate with the bydrone so a lot of hydrone can turn into a ton tiny hydrone.



In order to allow our body to absorb the purified and clear water, the 1st Filter of our technology - Pre-Carbon Filter is there to ensure that the water flow through can eliminate dirty elements such as sand, dirt rust and grit or other matters that came from the tap water. By having such filter, it reduce the water hardness and thus allow our body to easily digest the water.


After the purification of the water via the 1st Filter, our premium PP Membrane Filter will search for other dissolvable mixtures that might exist in the tap water or foreign matters in the water which measures between 0.01 to 0.04 microns. The filter will eliminates mixtures or substances such as chlorine, flouride, residual pesticides and organics. In addition to that, PP Membrane filter also effective in removing viruses, bacterias, pyrogens, colloids and other mixtures that might exist in the water due to the transportation through water pipes. While eliminating those bad mixtures, our filter will also keep elements that is essential to our body such as magnesium and calcium ensuring that our body is able to absorb the best nutrients to promote healthy lifestyle.


Our 3rd filter consist of special ceramic balls which turns the water into alkaline and oxygenated, this is one of the final transformation before it is dispense out of the water system. By using nano-technology membrane process, it brings two benefit to the water and into our body

  1. Increasing the level of oxygen within the water to allow the user that absorb the water increase in body hamoeglobin promoting healthy body by helping our body to rejuvenate and restore body tissue and cells
  2. Increase in PH Level between 8.5 to 9, to make the gut system of our body easily absorbing the good nutrients that generated from the filters


After going through the previous filters, the final transformation process or the last filter consist of making sure that the water that dispense out of the system are easily consume into our body and without any bad odors that might exist originally through the pipe. Our high quality activated Post-Carbon filter will also treat the color of the water and enhance the taste of the water.


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